My name is Satvik Borra, and I am a 19 year old game developer and programmer.

My Work

Current Projects

So far, I have four apps on the App Store with more coming soon.

Sock Factory

Package socks together on a conveyor belt before its too late! With increasing difficulty it does not stay easy for long. Available now on the App Store


Move and resize one shape to match another. Be fast or you will surely lose. Available now on the App Store


Tap the circle that is the same color as the circle above. It's not as easy as it sounds! Available now on the App Store

First - Choose Wisely!

Choose the letter that comes first in the alphabet. Comes with several game modes. Available on the App Store

Unpublished Experiments

In addition to my apps on the App Store, I have created mostly unpublished experiments, most of which are shown here.

Voxel Terrain Generator

This is a experiment that was created in a matter of a few days, it uses a simple perlin noise algorithm to guarantee unique seeded terrain every time. It uses a series of cubes to make up the terrain, a art style becoming rapidly popular.

Low Poly Terrain Generator

Another procedural project of mine. It uses a custom gradient to make up the colors and is made up of individual triangles. I have always loved the look and style of low poly, and this project creates colorful terrain in low poly to reflect just that.


Well, this is techically published, but il'll put it in this category anyway. R@gueX was created within 7 days in a game jam called the 7drl challenge, in which you need to create a roguelike game within 7 days. You can view the webpage and download it here.